Floats should not be overloaded, which will be determined by the Parade Officials.

All vehicles and floats are subject to inspection.

Safety chains must be used on all towed entries.

Each float must provide at least a 5 pound ABC fire extinguisher.


NO ONE is to be hanging over the side of the floats.

Each float entry is encouraged to provide walkers alongside

each float to keep parade attendees at a safe distance from the float.

Each driver of a vehicle must provide a copy of the vehicle’s liability insurance  as well as his/her driver’s license prior to the start of the parade.  A parade marshal will verify this information.               

Failure to provide this information will exclude your entry from the parade

The drivers of the vehicles are not permitted to throw beads at any time


Refrain from throwing beads while the parade is not moving


Each float / entry sponsor must take responsibility and ensure that each participant is aware that participation is at your own risk.