...for the 2017 Mainland Mardi Gras Fun Parade Run in Texas City. Walk, run, roll or stroll your way through the streets of Texas City and lead the Mainland Mardi Gras Parade! This year’s event will be free to the public – get up and get out there!!

If you have registered your young child, we ask that you register yourself and accompany them. Parents/guardians are completely responsible for their children.


Register online here:

We will also be accepting onsite registration the morning of the event starting at 11am for your friends and family that would like to join! Pick up your bibs Saturday, February 13th starting at 11am at the Start line by Carlos Garza Sports Complex. Mainland Mardi Gras Fun Parade Run will begin promptly at 12-NOON so be sure to get there with enough time to grab your bib.


As a reminder, this route is 3 miles. You can walk, run, bike, roller blade, skate, etc. We encourage you to dress up! You are welcome to throw beads or candy- you are technically part of the parade (you are leading it!). Because of the nature of this race, there will be no water stations along the route, please plan to bring water if you will need it (water will be provided at finish).

Start at the Carlos Garza Park at 33rd Street North on Palmer Highway. Continue along Palmer Highway to Sixth Street. Turn right on Sixth Street and Finish at the Showboat Pavilion, 416 6th St. North, in Texas City. Park at the Pavilion and lead the parade to Sixth Street. Once there, enjoy the parade. Hop on a float to get a ride back to your car!

Port-a-potties will be available at the start and Showboat Pavilion restrooms will be open.


You will park near the start line and float staging area by Carlos Garza Sports Complex at 33rd Street North on Palmer Highway.


Enjoy the parade and catch some beads! Water and snacks will be provided for participants at Showboat Pavilion and you will be shuttled back to the start on floats!
You can be competitive or you can take your time - either way, the object is to have a lot of fun and you'll have 3 miles of the best tailgaters to cheer you on! This year the event will not be timed but we will still have some fun, be sure to invite your friends for all the fun!